Jenn Hoard

Owner / Coach / Guide

Water sports have always been part of my life.  I spent summers swimming, fishing and sailing the Great Lakes.  Then in 2007 I moved to St Simons Island, GA.  The first week as a local I caught my first hammer head from the beach.  Barrett’s and my weekend activities included kayak fishing, seining for shrimp, checking crab traps and clam digging in front of the Sea Island Golf Course.  A couple years later Barrett was reading a magazine that mentioned a “new” sport called Standup Paddleboarding (SUP).  We took a lesson, bought some boards and were immediately hooked.  Soon after we began SUP fishing, racing, then surfing.  Certifications:  PaddleFit Pro, CPR, First Aid


Barrett Hoard

Owner / Coach / Guide

I’ve played competitive sports as long as I can remember…. football, tennis, basketball, golf, track, baseball.  I enjoyed them all.  But once I became involved in standup paddleboard (SUP) racing I haven’t felt the need for anything else.  From a fitness standpoint, SUP is a total body workout.  The strongest and most efficient paddle stroke involves your legs, core, chest and shoulders.  From a competitive standpoint, it is truly a friendly competition.  The SUP community is full of kind, supportive people who are committed to their family, community and the environment.  We celebrate one another's accomplishments and don’t hesitate to share race training regimens.  It is the definition of inclusive sports.  Certifications:  PaddleFit Pro, CPR, First Aid

Nicole Capra

Coach / Sup yoga Instructor

A self described “beach bum”, Nicole Capra is the wife of her best friend and soul mate, Tim, and mother to their three unique and beautiful little girls. Together they are searching for the good things in life!  Nicole set foot on a standup paddleboard (SUP) 5 years ago and immediately fell in love. Since then she has become a WSUPA certified SUP instructor, SUP & surf instructor, and a certified yoga instructor. Combining her love for yoga and paddle boarding Nicole teaches SUP yoga on the river and ocean.  Certifications:  WSUPA, Certified 200hr Vinyasa Teacher, CPR


Ryan Semje

IT / Pics / Video

Ryan is our web-developer and social media guru. Ryan will be taking pictures and videos for our site to showcase Vero Beach and our activities on Facebook and Instagram. If you would like pictures or video for your tour or paddle let him know. Feel free to ask Ryan for pictures or video.  This is the perfect way to relive your Sea Sup Go adventure for years to come.